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BC cardiologist pioneers revolutionary approach to heart surgery

November 2, 2017

Being treated for aortic heart valve disease usually involves invasive open heart surgery with general anesthetic, a week-long hospital stay and a significant recovery period. A technique developed by BC specialist physicians may change that scenario dramatically.

Dr David Wood with patient Max Morton who underwent the historic heart valve surgery. Photo credit CBC News.

Vancouver cardiologist Dr David Wood has presented details of revolutionary heart valve surgery that means patients are awake for the 45 minute procedure and are walking around within a few days. The innovation builds on a  technique pioneered by Dr Wood's colleague Dr. John Webb. Dr Wood led the study that involved 411 patients in 13 centres across North America. In many cases, patients were back at work 24 hours after the procedure.

It’s just one example of how BC’s physicians are bringing innovation to the forefront to make a positive difference - for patients and our health care system.

For the full story, courtesy of CBC news, click here.