Doctors of BC increases financial support for medical students

March 19, 2018

Doctors of BC has a long tradition of providing financial supports for eligible UBC medical students through bursaries.
For students facing financial challenges, the bursaries – totalling almost $219,000 annually -  can make a real difference to help make ends meet.
The Doctors of BC Board of Directors voted in March to expand that support in a big way. Your Association will be providing an additional $300,000 in a one-time disbursement to fund scholarships and bursaries through the UBC Blue and Gold Campaign. 
Why make this contribution now?  As part of the campaign, UBC is offering to match donated funds which means our $300,000 investment becomes $600,000. The interest earned on these funds will support Doctors of BC Presidential Scholarship Premier Awards and Doctors of BC Blue and Gold Bursaries for medical students at UBC.
“I was lucky to receive a BCMA Scholarship when I was at UBC,” says Dr Trina Larsen Soles, president of Doctors of BC.  “Very few were awarded when I was in medical school, but the money made a huge difference for me at that time.  It is wonderful that we have the ability and the opportunity to increase the bursary amounts over time allowing for greater numbers of medical students to benefit.”
This is just another way that Doctors of BC is helping our doctors of tomorrow achieve their educational goals today.