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During his presidency, Dr Joshua Greggain will be writing about his experiences and thoughts.

Women inspiring women
March 8, 2022

“You tell her to be quiet, to hush, to play small.
You may forget this is not what she came to earth for at all.
She may have previously kept quiet and not been visible for the world to see.
For women to be less than or not have a voice was not what the world was intended...

Dr Dosanjh wearing a pink shirt
February 22, 2022

On Pink Shirt Day, I will proudly wear pink to stand in solidarity with this grassroots initiative that aims to raise awareness about bullying and create a more inclusive world – one where bullying has no place and where bystanders become upstanders. And I challenge all of us in medicine to rise...

Hand reaching to the light
February 3, 2022

As we enter our third year of the pandemic, I reflect on all that has transpired and acknowledge the collective moral distress and emotional exhaustion. In spite of it all though, I am still hopeful for the future. As Desmond Tutu so profoundly said, “Hope is being able to see that there is...

Dr Ramneek Dosanjh
January 4, 2022

I am graciously humbled for the opportunity to serve each one of you this year. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Dr Matthew Chow for leading all of us through adversity, uncertainty, and change this past year. His calm fortitude, commitment, and compassion are truly exemplary. I...

Dr Matthew Chow
December 6, 2021

It has been an honour to serve as president of Doctors of BC over the past year. Throughout this time doctors across the province have weathered multiple waves of COVID-19, contributed to the most important vaccination program in BC’s history, coped with catastrophic wildfires and floods, and...