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June 7, 2023

To help residents and new physicians feel more financially literate while transitioning into practice, Business Pathways recently conducted a webinar, “Adapting to starting practice,” with guest presenters from MD Financial and MNP. 

A recording of this webinar and slide deck containing...

Maximizing your negotiated benefits
May 23, 2023

Doctors of BC negotiates a number of benefits with the government of BC on behalf of all doctors in the province. Some of these negotiated benefits are based on a doctor’s year-end income which includes fee-for-service (FFS) and/or sessional payments by the Medical Services Plan (MSP), or...

employment law for doctors
May 5, 2023

Business Pathways recently hosted a webinar, "Fundamentals of employment law for doctors," with guest presenter Leanne M. Walsh from West Coast Workplace Law. 

A recording of the webinar and slide deck containing detailed information and resources are now available.

•    Recorded...

MOA billing learning opportunities
April 14, 2023

Medical office staff are an integral part of streamlining clinical operations and workflow; therefore, it is an advantage for your MOA to understand MSP Billing. The Medical Office Assistant Billing Guide and MSP Tutor are resources for medical staff who would like to strengthen their MSP...

Physician working with laptop
March 21, 2023

To assist physicians in navigating through the 2022 tax period, Business Pathways and MNP LLP collaborated to host a webinar, A Physician’s Guide to Tax Season. A recording of this webinar and the presentation slide deck containing important information and resources are now available...