quality improvement

Dr Cole Stanley
August 29, 2019
When opioid overdoses and deaths reached stunning proportions in 2016 and 2017, and a public health crisis was declared, Dr Cole Stanley recognized that he and his colleagues might be able to better serve their patients with opioid use disorder (OUD).   Having recently completed quality improvement...
December 13, 2018

“We can absolutely succeed” is the message Dr Don Berwick brought to his inspirational keynote address last Monday, November 19 at the first-ever Physician Quality Improvement (PQI) Summit. 

Dr Berwick, who is one of today’s top health care thinkers and President Emeritus and...

Dr Tom Wallace
June 6, 2018

When patients go into the hospital for surgery, everyone  — especially the patient — wants the operation to go well with no complications, a quick recovery time and a short hospital stay.

Kamloops surgeon Dr Tom Wallace is helping lead a special approach — that includes the patient as a...