Female doctor providing virtual care
September 22, 2021

Following a year-long consultation, the Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs) – partnership of Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health - has produced a set of statements that provide guidance for doctors on the use of virtual care for practices and in service delivery and decision-making.  ...

June 25, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

I am honoured to address you as the new chair of the Board of Directors, following an election at the June Board meeting as mandated by our bylaws. I am pleased to announce that Dr Adam Thompson has been elected vice-chair. I want to thank Dr Jeff Dresselhuis, who made...

Getting a heart checkup
April 16, 2021

Many of us have heard troubling stories of a young person having a cardiac arrest while playing hockey or football due to a genetic disposition. In fact, about 80,000 people in BC are at risk of having an inherited heart condition.

The work to formalize a solution began in 2012 when Dr...

Drs Narang and Pippin
February 8, 2021

Doctors around BC are leading and advocating to improve our health care system through innovation and team-work. To highlight their achievements over the last year, Doctors of BC has launched its Collaborate on Health in BC magazine, available online and being mailed to members along...

Joint Collaborative Committees - Cultural safety, longitudinal care, physician engagement
September 25, 2020

The Joint Collaborative Committees, a partnership of Doctors of BC and the BC Ministry of Health, continue to play a key role in ensuring physicians are leaders and have a voice in building a stronger health care system that provides quality patient care. 

The work of the JCCs is grounded...