Working for Change

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April 21, 2015
Each year, our President travels around the province meeting face-to-face with as many members as possible. Dr Cavers will be hosting a member's...
Working for Change


Doctors of BC works with partners to develop programs that allow physicians to provide targeted care to the most vulnerable patients, along with initiatives that also improve professional satisfaction. We believe that to be truly influential in working for change, doctors need to be engaged and collaborating with each other and with health care partners. Doctors of BC is here to do that, and we are seeing positive results.

Doctors at the local level understand the health care gaps in their communities, and are positioned to work with partners to develop grassroots solutions. Doctors of BC, in partnership with the provincial government, is putting in place some innovative primary care supports to support family doctors in their communities.

Doctors of BC collaborates with partners and physician leaders to improve the way patient care is delivered in the province’s health facilities. Doctors have good ideas to help solve our health care challenges, and we are supporting physician leaders to ensure those voices are heard while promoting innovation and quality care for patients.

BC’s doctors want patients to have a positive experience in our health care system. To help achieve that, it is important to break down some of the silos that develop in our complex system. With the BC Ministry of Health, we are working with physician leaders towards more seamless care for patients with complex needs who see more than one doctor.

BC’s doctors care about quality patient care, but they also care about keeping British Columbians healthy. Doctors of BC has a long history of involvement in health promotion advocacy. We actively promote education and awareness on the importance of physical activity, nutrition, environmental health, and road safety.

Strong political advocacy is an essential part of promoting positive change in today’s society. With complex government and Health Authority organizations, developing relationships is more important than ever before.

As part of our mission, Doctors of BC works to promote a social, economic, and political climate where members can provide patients with a high standard of healthcare. To achieve this goal, we develop policy that represents the collective view of the membership on issues of importance to the medical profession and to our patients.