Clinical Faculty plays an important role in providing training, leadership and mentorship for BC’s medical students.

Between 5,000 - 6,000 physicians act as Clinical Faculty, defined as: “Physicians who teach medical undergraduates and residents in their office, hospital or classroom, but does not include tenured or tenure track professors in the Faculty of Medicine.” Clinical faculty work may also include administrative and committee work associated with clinical teaching. 

Comprised of Doctors of BC and UBC Faculty of Medicine representatives, the Clinical Faculty Working Group collaboratively supports and helps foster a positive relationship between Clinical Faculty and the Faculty of Medicine. As well, Doctors of BC continually engages with the Faculty of Medicine to renew the Clinical Faculty Compensation Terms for teaching in the MD undergraduate and postgraduate programs, along with other matters of importance to Clinical Faculty. This engagement process is guided by a Letter of Intent which outlines a shared understanding that the Faculty of Medicine will consult with the Doctors of BC prior to the expiry of the Clinical Faculty Compensation Terms, and before making any changes to the Terms of Compensation. 

Before the Clinical Faculty Compensation Terms comes up for renewal, Doctors of BC engages with members, usually via surveys, to identify and understand matters that are of current or continuing importance to physicians who hold Clinical Faculty positions. Results from these surveys are used to help guide and inform Doctors of BC’s discussions with UBC on the renewal of the Compensation Terms.

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Key documents of interest to Clinical Faculty:

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