2015-2016 Annual Report 

Inspiring change. Overcoming obstacles. Sparking innovation. 

To be a leader takes more than just skill and experience. As part of our 2015-2016 Annual Report, we are celebrating a few of the medical leaders in British Columbia who go above and beyond every day as pioneers in their respective fields of medicine. 

This Is Leadership.

The annual report is available as an interactive online PDF that includes video interviews where you will hear directly from each doctor. We have also summarized the reports separately in a Slideshare presentation that highlights the impact made within the health care system by each of our changemakers in the past year. 

You can view and share each of the video stories individually on YouTube as well. 

You will learn about how:

  • Dr Arun Jagdeo is stepping up as an emerging leader by taking on multiple leadership roles as a resident
  • Dr Fiona Duncan is representing family medicine provincially through the A GP for Me Working Group
  • Dr Ahmer Karimuddin is improving Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) coordination
  • Dr Sandy Whitehouse is transforming care for youth who have grown up with complex medical conditions
  • Dr Davidicus Wong is crafting the Empowering Patients health education program

You will also read reports from key leaders at Doctors of BC, including CEO Allan Seckel, President Dr Charles Webb, and Chair of the Board Dr Mark Corbett. Finally, we have included financial highlights with a link to download audited financial statements, and the full White Report, which contains reports from the committees, councils, sections, societies, and affiliated organizations.

Doctors of BC Annual General Report 2015 - 2016