Human Safety Optimization webinar
November 28, 2023

The Ministry of Health is taking steps to support ongoing delivery of services for family physicians on Service Contracts or Salary Agreements while the Ministry, Doctors of BC, and BC Family Doctors are developing an expanded LFP Payment Model to include facility-based care for inpatient,...

Doctor on the phone
May 18, 2022

Statement from Doctors of BC President Dr Ramneek Dosanjh and Board Chair Dr Adam Thompson

Doctors of BC is committed to addressing the challenges in our primary care system. Almost one million British Columbians do not have a family doctor. It is critical that steps are taken to...

Doctor at the office
October 2, 2020

Over the past year, Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health have been consulting on new contract options to address a number of key points of interest raised by doctors. These include the desire of some established and new-to-practice family doctors to move away from the Fee-for-Service (FFS)...