215 indigenous children
June 17, 2021

My 8-year-old enjoys sharing new things she learns at school – from special fish, to algae in the water, to all of the interesting cultures reflected in the kids at her school. Earlier this month, she came home and shared with us what she’d learned about residential schools. She told us about...

January 13, 2021

In response to disturbing allegations of anti-Indigenous racism in our health care system, the BC government appointed Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond to independently conduct a review. The findings were clear: Indigenous people are continually subjected to widespread, systemic racism which often...

Virtual Doctor Consultation
June 20, 2020

“You can’t replace face-to-face, the physical space, the interaction, but this really does help meet a unique need.” That is Dr Kelsey Louie’s description of a First Nations Virtual Doctor of the Day service implemented in March in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dr Louie is...

Dr Terri Aldred
March 29, 2018

Among the thousands of practicing physicians in BC are legions of unsung heroes, quietly going about their work to support their patients’ health, strengthen the medical profession, and give back to their community, with little expectation of wider recognition.

Dr Terri Aldred is...