find your match

Find Your Match 2019 Vancouver
February 14, 2019

Like many successful Doctors of BC initiatives, Find Your Match (FYM) started from a place of need: medical students wanted more information before making the important decision of choosing a career. Based on this feedback, the FYM event was created to bring together medical students and doctors...

March 23, 2018

Supporting medical students throughout their journey – as they choose their road and follow it – is a priority for Doctors of BC. The health of our profession depends on physicians being happy in, and well suited to, the specialty they choose. 

An annual event we hold is Find Your...

Dr Stuart Silver
March 23, 2017

“So, did you always know you wanted to be a radiologist?” asks a first year Island Medical Program (IMP) student in Victoria “Hah, well, not exactly,” answers Dr Stuart Silver with a smile before continuing to share his own journey through medicine with an attentive audience. Dr Silver is one of...