Committed to your growing career

You are well on your way to establishing a personally and professionally rewarding medical practice. Doctors of BC is here for you, to support you during your time in school, through residency, and beyond. We offer students complimentary membership and pay for your Canadian Medical Association dues. All you have to do is sign up.

Below are resources and information about many benefits and services that are relevant to your life as a medical student.

Get involved with Doctors of BC

You have the power to improve the future of our health system. Why not get involved with the planning and decision-making of Doctors of BC where you have the opportunity to voice your concerns and interests?

Become a member of a committee

Students may apply for positions in one of more than 70 committees that focus on everything from improving medical practice to health promotion. Visit the current opportunities page or watch for emails from the Governance and Nominations Committee calling for applicants.

Volunteer for Walk with your Doc

Want to promote health in a powerfully simple way? Volunteer for Walk with your Doc in Vancouver this May. Contact us for more information.

Share your knowledge, thoughts, and expertise

Speak up! Submit an article, letter, or blog post to the BC Medical Journal. Prizes are offered to the best student-written article ($1,000) and blog post ($250).

Celebrate the accomplishments of your peers

New! Know a Doctors of BC medical resident or student who goes out of their way to advocate for a stronger health care system through political or medical advocacy? Nominate your peers for the Changemaker: Medical Student Advocate Award

Apply for a paid summer internship at Doctors of BC

Available to first and second year medical students, gain exposure to the issues facing doctors and invaluable experience relevant to your profession. Email Human Resources to learn more and apply.

Stay in the loop

The Newsflash summarizes in a daily newsletter today’s health news from a variety of media sources across the country. The E-News is a twice monthly e-newsletter that features information that may be of interest to members. Sign up for either newsletter by managing your subscriptions

Exclusive deals just for you

Student Insurance Programs

It’s wise to be ahead of the game and insure yourself while you are young and healthy. Doctors of BC, in partnership with Sun Life, created the Student Insurance Program that provides medical students with No-Cost Disability and Life insurance during all four years of medical school.  For fourth year medical students, additional coverage is available at a discount.

Club MD Discounts

Gain access to exclusive deals through our Club MD program. Club MD offers value-added products and services through a network of preferred suppliers, like Canucks tickets, discounted laptops, movie passes, and Y-Yoga memberships. New partners and offers are announced in Club MD E-News, so be sure to subscribe to the monthly newsletter

Identify Theft Insurance

We protect members and their spouses against identify theft at no cost, including instances of mail theft, email phishing, and pretext phone calls. 

Choosing a specialty & career path

Physician Health Human Resources

Doctors of BC is working alongside local and national stakeholders to improve career counseling and workforce planning.

In 2011 Doctors of BC published a policy paper called Doctors Today and Tomorrow: Planning British Columbia’s Physician Workforce that examines provincial physician workforce issues and makes nine recommendations to government on how to improve current practices. In 2013 the National Physician Survey questioned physicians across the country about job satisfaction, training, and opportunities, among other issues. Results are now available.

For students interested in rural practice experience, financial assistance of $250 per week for up to eight weeks and a travel stipend of up to $800 is provided. Please contact Lisa Oliver, Program Administrative Coordinator, for more information on REAP.

Learn what’s unique about each specialty

Find Your Match, an informal speed-dating style dinner event in which students sit at tables in small groups while doctors of varying disciplines rotate around the room, has been helping med students choose a career path since 2015. Doctors answer students’ questions about their discipline, their journey through medicine, highs and lows of their careers, call schedules, lifestyle, opportunities for work—whatever students want to know. Doctors of BC runs Find Your Match in at least two locations a year, rotating among the four distributed medical training sites around BC. Check the Calendar to find the next event.

Rural Education Action Plan

For students interested in rural practice experience, financial assistance of $250 per week for up to eight weeks and a travel stipend of up to $800 is provided. Please contact  Lisa Oliver, Program Administrative Coordinator, for more information on REAP.

Take care of your health & finances

Student Insurance Programs

Protecting against changing health or unforeseen events is an important part of taking care of your health & finances. UBC medical students have access to No-Cost Disability and Life insurance plans because we know how important it is to ensure your financial health. See the Student Insurance Program for more information or to schedule an appointment with a Doctors of BC licensed Insurance Advisor.

Get support for personal or professional problems

Medical school can be challenging and stressful. The Physician Health Program of British Columbia supports and advocates for BC physicians, residents, medical students, and their immediate families dealing with personal or professional problems.

Bursaries for UBC Medical Students

Doctors of BC donates over $150,000 in bursaries each year. To be eligible, you need to be a Doctors of BC member and have a student loan with additional unmet needs. Apply for bursaries online via the UBC Student Services Centre.

Get your finances on track

MD Financial Management offers a referral service for a complete range of banking services tailored to the specific requirements of medical students and physicians. From day-to-day needs like credit cards and chequing accounts to short and long-term loans, MD can help you choose the banking solution that suits you best.

BC Loan Forgiveness Program

Graduates from medical school can have their BC student loan forgiven by agreeing to work at a publicly funded facility or a designated underserved community in BC. The provincial government will forgive outstanding debt at a rate of 33.13% per year for three years. Please visit Student Aid BC for more information.

Academic resources

Free access to medical journals

Membership includes free subscriptions to the BC Medical Journal and the Canadian Medical Association Journal, both of which publish on current topics relevant to medical practice in BC and Canada. These are available to you in print and online.

CMA Online Clinical Tools

Your CMA membership gives you access to over 1,000 full-text medical journals, 50-plus textbooks, clinical practice guidelines, and a complete medical reference library.

Librarians at your service

Save valuable time by having experts conduct research and information gathering on your behalf. Contact CMA Librarians.