What we heard from members about Electronic Medical Records

July 14, 2022

In early April, more than 2250 members took the time to share their thoughts and inform the future of electronic medical Records (EMRs) in BC through and EMR survey.

Specialist and family physicians from across the province shared a diversity of perspectives, and overall feedback confirmed that:

  • They want simple, fulsome sharing of patient information across the province.
  • They strongly support interoperability and consolidation of EMRs to aid in interoperability.
  • The costs of EMRs, administrative burdens, and challenges associated with data portability are significant concerns for them.

The survey was conducted between April 4 and 18 on our behalf by TWI Surveys. All answers were anonymous and confidential (TWI Surveys shared only aggregate results with Doctors of BC).

To learn more about our findings, see our:

Building a future that reflects your needs

Your input has deepened our understanding of your needs and priorities and will support our work with the Ministry of Health to develop a provincial EMR strategy. The perspectives you have shared will help to inform our strategic approach and shape how we advocate with government on this key component of patient care.

This recent call for your input is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure physicians are engaged in the planning and development of work on digital and virtual health in BC. It marked the second phase of our broad engagement with you on the topic of EMRs and related digital technology tools. Watch for future opportunities to get involved and share your input as work progresses.

For more information, visit the new Digital Health Strategy section of our website or contact .