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September 23, 2020
Doctors of BC Chief Negotiator Mr Paul Straszak will hold a one-hour informational webinar via Zoom, outlining changes to the WorkSafe BC agreement...

UBC Medical Class of 2022 “Backpack Day”

August 31, 2018

While many students are getting ready to officially start school in September, before August had even concluded, close to 300 enthusiastic and eager first-year UBC medical students had headed back to school to begin their exciting and life-altering journey.


UBC’s Medical Student Orientation Day, commonly known as ‘Backpack Day’ serves as a student introduction to Doctors of BC and begins a lifelong relationship that we hope will last through medical school, residency, into practice, and much later on in retirement. 

While students now embrace Backpack Day for one main reason – to receive the coveted and iconic backpacks – it’s also an opportunity for students to learn about the benefits Doctors of BC provides them with including complimentary insurance coverages and financial supports, and avenues in which they can become connected and engaged with the Association.

Each year these coveted backpacks are a unique and distinctive colour, indicating the cohort the proud owner is in – a true status symbol of sorts that medical students are honoured to flaunt. This year’s cohort walked out of the event with their bright red backpacks ready to begin the challenging and most rewarding journey of a life in medicine.


This exciting event let’s our doctors of tomorrow know that Doctors of BC is here for them every step of their journey…as we are for all of our members. Medical students are the future of the profession and they truly want to make a meaningful difference. Doctors of BC continues to tap into this young generation – to support them early on in their careers and to provide them with a strong foundation of comprehensive supports. 

A photographer was onsite to capture moments from this fun event. View the photo gallery.