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September 17, 2019
September 2019 (Various Dates) This two part webinar series will enable physicians and other health providers to provide input into the development...

Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Physicians

September 6, 2019

Violence against physicians is a growing concern. According to a Canadian survey of 720 primary care physicians, 30 per cent of respondents were exposed to aggressive behavior in the month prior to taking the survey and 39 per cent reported that this behaviour was severe and included assault, stalking, or sexual assault.
Violence%20against%20physiciansThe most important thing physicians can do to prevent or safely respond to a violent incident is to have a plan in place. To educate and equip doctors and their staff with tools and resources to deal with a violent occurrence, Doctors of BC has developed a safety checklist with important information and resources.

The full guide highlights key topics, relevant services, and educational materials that will enable physicians to develop a plan for their community practice. It’s recommended that physicians share this guide with staff, print it out and keep it in an easily accessible place within the office.