Physician Master Agreement ratified by BC doctors

December 6, 2022

Physicians across the province have accepted the proposed Physician Master Agreement (PMA). Voting to ratify the PMA concluded yesterday at midnight, with a total of 5,591 votes cast and 94.15% accepting the agreement.

Doctors of BC wishes to thank all members who took the time to cast their vote, we value your input. More information on what this ratification means can be found in our President’s Letter (login required). We will continue to keep members updated with next steps over the coming weeks. 

Members can also find everything they need to know about the new PMA on our PMA webpage (login required) which contains highlights of the agreement, quick overviews outlining what the PMA means for specialists and for family physicians, and an Information Package that includes an overview, detailed summary, and a link to the full tentative agreement.