New Longitudinal Family Physician Payment Model launches today

February 1, 2023

The new Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) Payment Model launches today, meaning that family physicians are able to start billing under the payment model. The new LFP Payment Model was developed in response to an urgent need to retain and attract family physicians in community longitudinal practice. 

Doctors of BC, BC Family Doctors, and the Ministry of Health are continuing to listen to your feedback and working to address your concerns in a timely way. The new payment model represents a seismic shift in not just the way we are compensated, but also the way we work. We are in period of transition, and will be focusing on next steps to expand and adjust the model.

The LFP Payment Schedule provides detailed information about the payment model, including eligibility, enrollment, and billing codes.

On the Doctors of BC and BC Family Doctors websites you can find answers to your questions and other detailed billing information on websites where (login required). These are updated regularly.

We also held two information webinars that took place last week. The recorded webinar is available for viewing. Please note that the information about the payment model is continuing to evolve. As a result, some of the information in the webinar is now outdated,