New LFP Payment Schedule for facility-based care

May 31, 2024

As the LFP Payment Model expands into facility-based care, the new payment schedule that details how to bill for these areas was made available this week for family physicians. This payment schedule will be effective June 24, 2024. Until then, the current payment schedule, dated March 2024, remains in effect.

Starting June 24, billing under the LFP Payment Model will begin for inpatient care, pregnancy & newborn care, long-term care, and palliative care in facilities. 

Highlights of the new LFP Payment Schedule include:

  • Longitudinal family physicians who bill the LFP Payment Model for clinic-based care can start billing for facility-based care on June 24. (Billing by longitudinal family physicians remunerated under other payment models will start at a later date.)
  • Locum physicians will be able to bill facility-based care from the outset.
  • Physicians will be able to choose which facility settings they wish to bill under the LFP Payment Model and can remain with fee-for-service/alternate payment, if they wish.
  • Physicians will need to register for the settings they wish to bill under the LFP Payment Model.

To incorporate facility-based care, most of the payment schedule has changed. It’s recommended that physicians review the payment schedule in full, even if they do not provide facility-based care. 

To support physicians with this new payment schedule BC Family Doctors’ Simplified LFP Guide has been updated to include the new time and interaction codes for facility-based care (member login required). The Doctors of BC and BC Family Doctors compensation calculators have also been updated. More information can also be found on the Doctors of BC website.