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January 27, 2020
Targeted to new-to-practice family physicians, and of interest to all family physicians, this session is designed as an introduction to family...

Med students take part in "Find your Match"

March 14, 2019
“The question you think you shouldn’t ask could be the most important one to your life in medicine – so please, ask us anything.” With that message from Doctors of BC President Dr Eric Cadesky, Find Your Match, an evening of career speed dating, got underway.
Back in 2014, when Doctors of BC asked UBC medical students what it could do for, one request stood out above the others: “Can you help us figure out what branch of medicine to go into?” But how do you give hundreds of med students spread out over 4 different campuses time and space to meet with doctors from a broad range of specialties to seek their advice, listen to their stories, and hear about their challenges and successes?
Find Your Match, an informal speed-dating style dinner event in which students sit at tables in small groups while doctors of varying specialties rotate around the room, was the answer. An instant hit, Doctors of BC has been running Find Your Match at least twice a year ever since.
Doctors answer students’ questions about their discipline, their journey through medicine, highs and lows of their careers, call schedules, lifestyle, opportunities for work – whatever students want to know.
This year’s Find Your Match events were held in Vancouver, Prince George, and Victoria. More than 150 students attended these three events, led by 11 doctors in Vancouver, 9 doctors in Prince George, and 9 in Victoria. Photos of these events can be found in our Photo Gallery, here.
Big thanks to Resident Doctors of BC President Dr Nicholas Monfries for acting as emcee and providing advice in Vancouver and Victoria, and to Dr Manpreet Sidhu for acting as emcee and providing advice in Prince George. They were engaging, informative, and could easily relate to their younger peers. Doctors of BC is also grateful to the dedicated doctors who took time out of their busy schedules to mentor our doctors of tomorrow.
Dr Eric Cadesky
Dr Nav Chima
Dr Tommy Gerschman
Dr Ahmer Karimuddin
Dr Debra Miller
Dr Nicholas Monfries
Dr Jayson Potts
Dr Jeff Roberts
Dr Tony Salvian
Dr Nick Szpakowicz
Dr Charlotte Yong-Hing
Prince George
Dr Brydon Blacklaws
Dr Michael Buchanan
Dr Robin Johnson
Dr Shehzad Mehmood
Dr Kirsten Miller
Dr Kathleen Ross
Dr Karen Seland
Dr Manpreet Sidhu
Dr Dmitri Zanozin​
Dr Eric Cadesky
Dr Joelle Dennie
Dr Jennifer Grace
Dr Maria Kang
Dr Gail Knudson
Dr Brent Lee
Dr Nicholas Monfries
Dr Leah Scott
Dr Sara Waters