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August 14, 2019
This live webinar session will discuss the implications of cannabis legalization in Canada, professional standards and guidelines for marijuana for...

Introducing the new home of Be Active Every Day,

August 31, 2018

Be Active Every Day is the  annual Doctors of BC initiative to help kids be more active and make healthy choices. Now in its 7th year, Be Active Every Day has continued to grow with more than 5,800 students in 66 schools challenged in 2017 by 48 doctors and resident doctors with the help of nurse practitioners, divisions, and athletes across the province!


To support the growth of Be Active Every Day, Doctors of BC created a new home for the event at The all new website features videos from previous years, links to resources, event registration, and more.

The Challenge begins the week of Monday October 1st with a school visit and ends with follow up visit the final week of October. With doctors leading students through the activity challenge, kids can learn about the importance of good health, nutrition, and fitness from a medical perspective. The goal is to make a lasting impact on children and help them turn healthy choices into healthy habits. To see the new site, learn more about Be Active Every Day, and register for this year’s challenge, click here.