Collaborate on Health in BC 2022: Stories of BC physicians improving access to care

January 25, 2022

Another year of living and caring for each other during a global health pandemic has come and gone. Throughout it all, BC doctors continued to model resilience and strength, and champion change.

The latest issue of Collaborate on Health in BC shares stories about doctors who improved access to care for patients in 2021. Featured stories include:JCC%20magazine%20cover%20-%20Collaborate%20on%20Health

  • Cultural connections: Collaborating for healing in health care
  • A proven combination of technology and training with virtual care
  • Seniors reap benefits from medication review
  • Virtual physicians help keep emergency room open in rural BC

The magazine will be delivered to all BC doctors with their Jan/Feb issue of the BC Medical Journal, and it’s also available online.

The Collaborate on Health in BC magazine is presented by the Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs) –a partnership of Doctors of BC and the BC Government.