Canada’s medical associations join forces to call for a capital gains exemption

May 30, 2024

Doctors of BC has joined the Canadian Medical Association and the other provincial and territorial medical associations by signing a letter calling on the federal government to exempt medical professional corporations from a planned increase to the capital gains inclusion rate.

Given every dollar of capital gains realized in a medical corporation could now be subject to the higher capital gains rate, it would detrimentally affect every doctor whose only method for saving for retirement is through their corporation. If implemented, this change could add undue pressure and financial strain for doctors and potentially undermine the stability of our healthcare system, rather than improve it and maintain quality and access for patients. 

Doctors work hard, they work long hours, and already have high costs associated with running their medical practices – we ask that the federal government not introduce additional stressors on our doctors when they are already burning out trying to keep their medical practices afloat.

You can read the full letter to the Finance Minister here: Medical associations call for capital gains exemption