Be Active Every Day 2018

October 1, 2018 to October 26, 2018

Be Active Every Day 2018 - October 1 - 26, 2018 

Time to 'Choose Your Own Activity Adventure'!

Be Active Every Day is an annual Doctors of BC initiative to help kids be more active and make healthy choices. In partnership with their local elementary school, doctors across BC coordinate a month-long challenge to kids.

The Challenge begins the week of Monday October 1st with a school visit and ends with follow up visit the final week of October. Last year more than 5,800 students in 66 schools were challenged by 48 doctors and resident doctors with the help of nurse practitioners, divisions, and athletes across the province!

With doctors leading students through the activity challenge, kids can learn about the importance of good health, nutrition, and fitness from a medical perspective. The goal is to make a lasting impact on children and help them turn healthy choices into healthy habits.

How it Works
  • The theme this year is 'Choose your own activity'. In a fun way this theme demonstrates to kids what can be achieved when they are dedicated to an activity they enjoy that gets them moving.
  • Starting the week of October 1, doctors visit their school of choice to present the Be Active Every Day challenge to the kids.
  • Doctors provide activity booklets and promotional items to kids, talk about Live 5-2-1-0, and explain why it’s important to stay active.
  • During the month, kids set activity goals and write about them in their activity booklet.
  • At the end of the month Doctors return to congratulate kids on a job well done and hand out certificates for completing the challenge.
  • By sending a picture of their best 'activity pose' into Doctors of BC, kids and their pose may be featured on the Doctors of BC website AND all kids around the province who submit will be entered to win a prize.
  • The grand prize is a custom TRADING CARD featuring the winner as a cartoon!

What grades are targeted, typically?

BAED is targeted at kids aged 5-11 years old - Kindergarten to Gr 6/7.

What if we have a split class, or kids older than 11?

We understand that schools have split classes and sometimes there are children older than 11. While Be Active Every Day is targeted at kids age 5-11, it is not exclusively for this group. Children in split classes are welcome to join in the fun!

How many kids/classes should I work with?

You are free to work with as many kids as suits your schedule and you are comfortable with. Some doctors work with a single class, while others work with entire schools. The number of kids participating at a school ranged from 20 to 400+.

What do I say?

Doctors of BC will provide you with an event package that includes speaking notes for you to work with.

Is it possible to find out if one’s local school already has a participating doctor, or to find out if they’ve done the program previously?

Please contact Patrick Higgins at or 604.638.8744 to inquire about previous school involvement.

How do Be Active Every Day pairings get made?

Connections happen a few different ways:

  • Doctors already have a connection to a school (friends, family kids  go there for example) and
    • Approach the schools themselves
    • Ask Doctors of BC to approach the school on their behalf
  • Doctors have no school ‘attachment’ (they live near a school, but don’t know anyone there) and:
    • Approach the schools themselves
    • For GP's, their Division of Family Practice approaches the school on  their behalf
    • Doctors of BC approach the school on their behalf
    • Schools approach Doctors of BC with interest, and I work to find a doctor near  them

I have a school, now what?

Please provide Doctors of BC the following information:

  • Name of school
  • School contact info
  • School address
  • Number of students
  • Ages of students
  • Date of initial challenge
  • Date of follow up visit

Contact Patrick Higgins at or 604.638.8744

Event Resources

Presentation Files

Be Active Every Day - General Speaking Notes - COMING SOON

Be Active Every Day - Step-by-step Guide - COMING SOON

Hero Kids Artwork

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Hero Videos

Week 1 - 5 Fruits and Veggies - Download here

Join The Quantum Sparrow as he teaches you about the number 5, shows you a Hero Fit move, and reveals the first secret phrase.


Week 2 - 2 Hours or less Screen Time - Download here

Join Agent Electron as she teaches you about the Number 2, shows you a Hero Fit move, and reveals the second secret phrase.


Week 3 - 1 Hour of Activity - Download here

The Quantum Sparrow returns to teach you about the Number 1, shows you a Hero Fit move, and reveals the third secret phrase.


Week 4 - Zero Sugar Sweetened Beverages - Download here

Agent Electron returns to teach you about the Number 0, shows you a Hero Fit move, and reveals the fourth and final secret phrase.

For more information contact:

Patrick Higgins
Communications Coordinator
T 604 638 8744   F 604 638 2915   TF 1 800 665 2262