Starting Your Practice

Starting your Practice

Committed to your growing career

Congratulations on becoming a medical resident in British Columbia. You are well on your way to establishing a personally and professionally rewarding medical practice.

Doctors of BC is your partner as you transition into practice, helping you become a better physician—and helping you take care of both your health and your finances. You can count on us to be your partner in making a meaningful difference by improving the health care system for all.

In this section, you will find information on a range of supports and services to support you.

The transition from resident to practicing physician can be a challenge. You may need to sign a contract with a health facility, learn how to set up a practice or quickly gain an understanding of fee codes.

Doctors of BC offers a number of tools and resources to help residents prepare for setting to your practice so that you have a good foundation as you move forward.

Find practice opportunities in BC

The BC Medical Journal contains extensive listings of job openings throughout the province.

Use the New in Practice guide

The CMA has created a downloadable New in Practice guide that offers a wealth of information for residents about types of practice, financial management, billing, negotiations and practice management.

Talk to one of our experienced in-house Insurance Advisors

As a member of Doctors of BC you have access to exclusive insurance plans. Licensed, non-commissioned insurance advisors are ready to discuss our full range of high-quality insurance products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of our transitioning residents. Call 1-800-665-2262 ext.7854 or ext. 2807

Transition Tuesdays

These monthly one-hour workshops are held the first Tuesday of every month and cover a wide range of topics on everything from financial planning and investing to billing. Residents in all levels are welcome to attend. Checkout our calendar of events for the next Transition Tuesday.

Take free online practice management seminars

The CMA Practice Management Modules offers free seminars and online modules to help GP and specialist residents prepare for transition to practice.

Transition resources from other organizations

UBC's Transition into Practice website 

This site contains a wealth of information on how to develop a medical curriculum vitae, where to find job postings, and financial and office management (such as incorporation, office space purchase, and contract negotiation). Information is accessed through a combination of modules and seminar series. 

Get help from the Transition into Practice Service

HealthForceOntario’s Transition into Practice Service (TiPS) offers assistance with the sometimes daunting time between residency and practice. Gain practical, career-focused knowledge with learning modules. Much of the content has application to residents throughout Canada.

Obtain your BC license

You must register with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia to obtain a license to practice medicine in BC.

Find employment opportunities

HealthMatchBC provides information about physician employment opportunities throughout BC. In addition, Resident Doctors of BC, in partnership with Doctors of BC, HealthMatch BC, the Ministry, and UBC organizes a job fair each fall.

Learn about loan forgiveness

Student Aid BC runs the BC Loan Forgiveness Program for health care professionals, including physicians.


Use BC’s clinical practice guidelines

The multitude of available clinical practice guidelines around the world are challenging to interpret and adopt. That’s why Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health Services of BC have jointly sponsored the Guidelines and Protocols Advisory Committee. This committee reviews all of the available guidelines and other evidence to produce the BC Clinical Practice Guidelines and Protocols--practical and easy-to-follow guidelines modified for our BC context.

Improve practice efficiency, enhance care

Practice Support Program provides training session for physicians and their medical office assistants to help improve practice efficiency and support enhanced delivery of patient care. They provide training and support through a number of channels: learning modules, practice coaching, quarterly learning sessions, and more.

Take advantage of rural and remote CME funding

The Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues administrates programs designed to attract and retain rural physicians. Programs include retention payments, Rural Continuing Medical Education and locum assistance.

Keep up with medicine in BC and Canada

The BC Medical Journal is your professional resource for peer-reviewed clinical articles, employment listings, and continuing medical education opportunities. Published 10 times yearly in print and daily at online. The CMAJ showcases innovative research and ideas aimed at improving health for people in Canada and globally. It publishes original clinical research, analyses and reviews, news, practice updates and thought-provoking editorials.

Find CME listings

The BC Medical Journal has a continuously updated list of upcoming CME events to help you continue to refine your knowledge and skill.

Use online clinical tools

Online clinical resources including more than 1000 full-text medical journals, 50+ textbooks, clinical practice guidelines, and a complete medical reference library.

The CMA Infobase is a public database of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, currently including over 1200 guidelines developed or endorsed by an authoritative medical or health organization in Canada.

Optimize patient flow

The Shared Care Committee is a joint committee of Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health that’s working to improve health outcomes and the patient journey through the health care system. Some of the key deliverables to address the growing need for coordination of patient care and best use of health care resources include standard referral templates, knowledge transfer and relationship-building activities, telephone advice protocols, urgent consultation mechanisms, care plans and re-referral criteria.

Know what your patients are reading

Newsflash summarizes today’s health news from a variety of media sources across the country, and E-News, a twice-monthly e-mail featuring Doctors of BC news or related external information that may be of interest to members. Sign up for either newsletter by managing your subscriptions

CME resources from other organizations

UBC Continuing Professional Development

UBC CPD is an academic unit dedicated to helping physicians across BC improve their knowledge, professional performance, and technical skills. They offer regular courses, programs, resources and support to physicians and other health care practitioners in a range of rural and urban settings.


Get support for personal or professional problems

The Physician Health Program of British Columbia supports and advocates for BC physicians, residents, medical students, and their immediate families dealing with personal or professional problems.

Know your fees

The Doctors of BC Guide to Fees helps physicians navigate through the MSP Payment Schedule and also includes suggested fees for private services and uninsured services. Additionally, the General Practice Services Billing Guide provides BC’s family and general practice physicians with detailed information, including codes, on general practice fees and fees for new programs developed by the committee. 

Take advantage of general practice benefits

The General Practice Services Committee has programs and fees to improve job satisfaction for family physicians. These programs include practice support, community support, and patient attachment fees.

Benefit from specialist programs and fees

The Specialist Services Committee has programs and fees to improve job satisfaction for specialists. Some of these programs include practice support, leadership training scholarships, and telephone fees.

Receive the right rural and remote funding

The Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues administrates programs designed to attract and retain rural physicians. Programs include retention payments and locum assistance.

Get great rates on insurance

Doctors of BC offers comprehensive insurance plans designed for the needs of medical residents. Life, disability, and accident insurance are available at very competitive rates—there is no commission built into the premiums as you will find with private insurance companies.

Doctors of BC resident members may obtain $100,000 in life insurance coverage at any time during your residency without providing proof of good health. 

If you were insured under the Doctors of BC Student Disability Plan, your coverage will automatically transition into the Resident Disability Plan when you complete medical school. However, you will be prompted with an opportunity to elect additional coverage and Riders at the transition point. 

Resident Disability insurance and Resident Life Insurance is available any time during a member’s resident or fellowship program without having to provide proof of health.

You can also get home insurance at preferred rates from .

MEDOC travel insurance is also available at special group rates through Johnson Inc. The MEDOC plan provides annual travel medical, trip interruption/cancellation, and baggage loss insurance protection.

The Health Benefits Trust Fund Plan provides physicians with extended health benefits and dental care. 

Receive discounts on products and services

The Club MD program provides you with exclusive discounts to a variety of products and services, while the Doctor’s of BC Telus Plan gets you and your family great rates on phones and phone plans.

More financial resources information

Resident Doctors of BC

Resident Doctors of BC (formally the Professional Association of Residents of BC or PAR-BC) is a trade union certified by the Labour Relations Board to bargain collectively on behalf of residents in BC. Doctors of BC works closely with Resident Doctors of BC on many issues.

Get involved in Doctors of BC

Become involved in planning and decision-making by applying for positions in one of more than 70 committees that focus on everything from improving medical practice to physician and patient advocacy.

Make your views known

Join the CMA Member e-Panel to share your views on topics important to the profession.

Share your knowledge, thoughts, and expertise

Submit an article, letter, or blog post to the BC Medical Journal or

Celebrate the accomplishments of your peers

Nominate your peers for the Changemakers Medical Resident Advocate Award, which recognizes a BC medical resident member who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and dedication to the cause of advancing the policies, views, and goals of Doctors of BC, or of a medical resident organization.

The CMA presents the Young Leaders Awards to one student, one resident and one early career physician (5 years post-residency) member at its annual meeting in August. The award celebrates the accomplishments of young physician leaders of tomorrow for their efforts today.

Promote fitness

Participate in Doctors of BC’s annual Walk With your Doc, a simple yet powerful way to encourage patients to get active and lead a healthy lifestyle.