Doctors Technology Office

Health technology can help improve patient care and streamline demands on physicians’ time. However, rapidly evolving tools and capabilities can also make it challenging to put the most useful and secure tools into practice. That’s where we can help you. We’re your one-stop shop for your health technology support needs. We’ll guide you on the most up-to-date technology solutions that are aligned with professional standards and security practices.

We’re your tech advisor

We’ll save you time and effort getting up to speed on the technology options available to you. We’ll guide you on privacy and security standards, and we’ll share best practices with you.

In partnership with FPSC’s practice support program, our health technology team answers your questions and helps optimize the use of health technology tools in your practice.


Call us when technology fails. You don’t have to figure it out alone. If you're having unresolved issues with your EMR (electronic medical record) or the private physician  network (PPN), and the normal vendor support process isn't working, then call us. We will troubleshoot, escalate on your behalf, and help find you a solution to get your practice back up and running.

About us

An initiative of the Family Practice Services Committee (FPSC), the Doctors Technology Office offers a comprehensive suite of health technology practice supports and resources to guide family physicians and practice teams through the technology landscape. We’re here to help you leverage the right tools and technology to take your practice to the next level.

Click the icons below to learn more and to access helpful resources. For questions or to request support, please contact 604-638-5841 or


Enhance your clinic security

Protecting patient information is a complex topic and we're here to help. Working in partnership with the Doctors of BC Digital Health Strategy team, we can help your clinic set up safeguards against security breaches and cyberattacks.


Manage your EMR

We work with FPSC's practice support program to help you start using your EMR, migrate to a new EMR, or store your records when closing your practice.


Use virtual care in your practice

We're here to support your practice's virtual care needs whether you're starting, adding video, or boosting your practice with other virtual care platforms.


Engage in digital health

We partner closely with the Doctors of BC Digital Health Strategy team to provide regular opportunities for physicians and medical office assistants to provide feedback on upcoming health technology initiatives and shape the way you practice.

The Doctors Technology Office is an initiative of the Family Practice Services Committee (FPSC), a joint partnership of Doctors of BC and the Government and BC.