Agreements and contracts

Agreements and contracts are negotiated through the Doctors of BC Negotiations Department. The largest agreement is the Physician Master Agreement (PMA), which lays the foundation to fairly compensate doctors for their work and funds the work of our Joint Collaborative Committees. The PMA is modified and updated through regular negotiations with the government of BC. 

We also negotiate agreements with WorkSafeBC and provincial and federal correctional facilities. We are regularly involved in talks with UBC’s Faculty of Medicine on behalf of Clinical Faculty, as well as with Lab Reform. 

Disputes & Issues 

We support and advise members on disputes and issues, assist in reviews and negotiations of clinical contracts, and help manage arbitrations. Members can always contact the Negotiations Department for advice. 

Provincial Dispute

A Provincial Dispute is between the BC government and the Doctors of BC regarding the interpretation, application, operation or alleged breach of the PMA and/or any of the Physician Master Subsidiary Agreements.

Local Disputes

Local disputes are between an Agency and a physician or group of physicians regarding the interpretation, application, operation or alleged breach of a Local Contract, or any disagreement, conflict or matter, including quality of patient care. 

Local Range Placement Dispute

A Local Range Placement Dispute is any dispute between an Agency and a physician or group of physicians regarding the proper application of the Physician Placement System to the physician or group of physicians.

There are a number of Agreements and Contracts negotiated on members behalf. Following are information and downloads on each. 

Negotiations Department - Contact Information

Paul Straszak
Chief Negotiator and Executive Director

Tod MacPherson
Director of Negotiations 

Dereck Eby


Karianne Good 


Jessica Ryan


Hannah Chuang

Senior Administrative Assistant