What is it?

Emergency Medicine physicians who are presently paid under the FFS model have the option of negotiating a group service contract with the Health Authority based on the Group Template Service Contract found in the 2019 Physician Master Agreement

Who is it for?

The hourly based contract is available to groups of Emergency Medicine physicians who are currently paid under the FFS model. The contract template is available here.

Length of contract

The contract is for a duration of three years and provides either party the option of terminating without cause with 6 months’ notice.

Pay and expectations

The rates of pay per full time equivalent for a maximum of 1680 hours of emergency medicine services in a year, including time spent providing indirect patient care at the beginning and end of each shift, are $332,493 for physicians with FRCPC, CCFP (EM) and ABEM certification and $296,068 for General Practitioners without CCFP (EM) certification. Please note that these rates will increase retroactively once the additional funding negotiated in the 2019 PMA is allocated among alternative paid physician groups.

The parties at the local level will need to negotiate the specific service deliverables and the number of full time equivalent physicians funded under the contract within the parameters of the Physician Master Agreement. Staff from the Economics, Advocacy and Negotiations Department are available to assist in these negotiations

How to know if the contract is right for you

Where a group of Emergency Medicine physicians believe that it is in their longer term economic interest to commit to an hourly based contract rather than the FFS model, they should consider this AP contract.

Contact for more information

For more information on the Group Emergency Medicine AP Contract, email .