What is it?

This template contract was established in 2018 and continues to be available to a group of anesthesiologists within a facility. The contract template is available here.

Who is it for?

The contract is an agreement between the health authority and a group of anesthesiologists who provide anesthesiology services within a facility.

The contract is not available to individual anesthesiologists.

Length of contract

The contract is for a duration of three years and provides either party the option of terminating without cause with six months’ notice.

Payment and expectations

The Group Anesthesiology AP Contract specifies different hourly rates of pay based on the time the service is delivered (day, evening, or weekend), and on the facility where the services are delivered (level 1, 2, or 3). Additionally, a bonus of up to 10% may be paid for meeting performance targets that are set by the health authority in consultation with the group of anesthesiologists. For details on payment, click here.

For services provided to WorkSafeBC patients, if payment from WorkSafeBC exceeds the applicable hourly rate paid for time under the contract, the difference between the contract rates and the WorkSafeBC payments will be paid to the physician once received by the health authority.


Prior to committing to a contract, Ministry of Health representatives will work with anesthesiologist groups to estimate payment levels for physicians under the contract based on an agreed-upon schedule for the services.

Services provided under the Group Anesthesiology AP Contract require encounter reporting as well as monthly invoicing to the health authority. 

How to know if the contract is right for you

You are part of a group of anesthesiologists who want to work together and with the health authority, and will commit to providing anesthesia services at your hospital on a pre-determined schedule with a high degree of certainty. The incentive payments for the group are tied to availability to fill the schedule.

Your group of physicians must also be prepared to collaborate with the health authority on quality improvement and human resource planning/recruitment.


For more information on the New Group Anesthesiologist AP Contract, email .