The BC Ministry of Health has introduced a number of new contract options for BC’s physicians. They provide more choice for established and new-to-practice family physicians who want to move away from Fee-for-Service (FFS) and practice in a different way, and support for physicians whose Fee-for-Service practices continue to be significantly destabilized due to conditions resulting from COVID-19. Group contracts will also continue to be offered to anesthesiologists and ER physicians.

The Ministry consulted with Doctors of BC during the development of the contracts. If you have questions after reading the material on this page, please contact Doctors of BC staff at

President's Letter

The President's Letter provides an overview of all the contracts being offered and some background on process.

Detailed information by physician groups

The links below provide detailed information organized by physician groups. Information provided includes: a description of eligible physicians, and an outline of expectations and payment, length of the contract and suggestions on how to determine if they may be a good fit for you and your practice.

Family physicians

Group contract for practicing full service family physicians

Individual contract for new-to-practice family physicians

Update on approvals for NTP contracts (MoH memo)

Submitting Expressions of Interest to MoH for Group Contracts

Questions & Answers

Webinar recording

New FAQs following the webinar 

Temporary contracts

COVID-19 temporary contract

Questions & Answers

Webinar recording

New FAQs following the webinar


Group Anesthesiology Alternative Payment (AP) contract

Emergency Medicine

Resource documents

The following documents may be useful. Some of them are included in the section organized by physician groups, but are also available here for easy reference. 

Governance document

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