Doctors’ input on digital and virtual health-related matters is essential to ensuring technology solutions that improve quality and delivery of patient care in BC. Opportunities for doctors to get involved directly and on behalf of Doctors of BC include:

  • Ongoing member engagement:  Doctors of BC regularly calls for members’ input online and in-person through:
    • Meetings and group discussions
    • Focus groups
    • Surveys
    • Online forums and comment boards

    This is a key way in which your collective input informs and influences the policy and positions Doctors of BC uses to advocate with stakeholders on members behalf.

  • Participation at national and provincial health system project tables: Doctors of BC supports and compensates doctors to engage on national and provincial health system projects. Opportunities will be listed here.
  • Committee appointments: Doctors of BC directly appoints and compensates participation of doctor representatives on eight provincial digital and virtual health committees. Representatives are supported to bring forward the Association’s position and policy recommendations on key issues, which are informed by broader doctors’ input from the Doctors of BC membership.  [link to more info]

Who should get involved?

Regardless of the practice type, specialty, or geographic location, each member’s unique point of view is needed to guide our ongoing input on the provincial government’s strategic plan and to inform our own work in this area. 

How to get involved

Interested in helping to guide this work? Email .

  • Digital referrals, consults, and orders
Digital Health Engagements

How did we seek member input?

Phase 1

Online engagement revisiting pre-pandemic perspectives on optimizing use of EMRs, EHRs, and other digital health technologies and related Ministry of Health priorities.

Phase 2

Online engagement informed by Phase 1 findings; sought more focused input to guide advocacy on the Ministry's development of a provincial EMR strategy. 

Help Inform Digital Health Solutions

Advocating for physician influence in shaping digital health planning is a priority for Doctors of BC. As reliance on technology in health care has grown, provincial work on digital health solutions has rapidly expanded—and ensuring these solutions meet your clinical needs and concerns is essential. But we need your help to do this. 

Shaping the future

Doctors of BC is developing ongoing opportunities for you to provide your clinical perspectives to guide work in areas such as:

  • Digital referrals, consults, and orders
  • EMR contract management 
  • Virtual visits and remote patient monitoring 
  • Secure messaging
  • Patient access to clinical records 
  • As provincial plans rollout, now more than ever we need your clinical feedback on technical developments to determine if proposed digital solutions will effectively:
  • Address the many burdens we know you face 
  • Improve both quality and delivery of patient care in BC


Get involved

A broad range of physician voices is needed—from across practice types, geographic locations, and specialties – and technical experience or familiarity with existing digital health tools or systems is not required. 

If you are interested in getting involved and sharing your clinical input to help inform digital health solutions, email .  

You can also learn about recent physician input on digital health or visit the Digital Health Strategy section of our website for more information on our ongoing advocacy work in this area.