Health Policy

Defining a course of action on issues of importance to the medical profession and our patients

Doctors of BC has a proud history of producing policy on a range of topics relevant to physicians, patients, and the health care system. Policy development falls squarely within our Strategic Plan and the Doctors of BC mission ‘to promote a social, economic, and political climate in which members can provide the citizens of BC with the highest standard of health care while achieving maximum professional satisfaction and fair economic reward’.

Doctors of BC policy:

  • is evidence-based and involves extensive background research and review and analysis of peer-reviewed literature and, where appropriate, new data produced by Doctors of BC;

  • is intended to reflect the views of the majority of our members; and

  • defines priorities and parameters for action in response to health system needs, available resources, and other political considerations.

Our long history of developing policy has resulted in a considerable volume of policy positions on a varied range of topics. Doctors of BC policy is articulated in a number of ways – through policy statements or papers, a committee resolution approved by the Board of Directors, or a submission to government. The most effective, influential and long-standing policies emerge from a development process that focuses on evaluating evidence, consulting with membership, and engaging with stakeholders to establish a position on a given topic.