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During his presidency, Dr Eric Cadesky will be writing about his experiences and thoughts.

Dr Eric Cadesky and Family
December 18, 2018

Home may be a curious word to describe my practice, but after 13 years it feels right – it is a home. As doctors, the team members we work with in our office or hospital settings become our work families. There are days we spend more time caring for a sick child than we do seeing our own...

November 28, 2018

I am too young

Despite the iconic images of his weather-worn face and painful grimace, he was only 22 years old when he died of metastatic osteosarcoma.

I am too late

His goal was the raise $24M – one dollar from every Canadian – for research so that others...

November 5, 2018

As we try to reconcile claims of fiscal responsibility with promises of support to improve healthcare, the question remains: What’s a doctor worth?

With unsustainable healthcare costs, frighteningly high rates of physician burnout and suicide, and a societal trend towards anti-science and...

Be Active Every Day
October 9, 2018

October is Be Active Every Day month, an annual Doctors of BC event that is just one of our public health initiatives. Be Active Every Day aims to teach children about nutrition and physical health literacy through activity challenges, which is especially important as childhood...

September 21, 2018

Hello Doctor, my old friend 
I’ve come to talk with you again 

This is a time of great change for BC doctors, with many issues currently affecting our clinical and personal lives. Cannabis becomes legal on October 17, 2018. Virtual care is causing disruption by improving...