Tips and best practices webinars for effective virtual care

eCommunications: Privacy & Security Best Practices Webinar (Oct 27, 2020) – This session focused on clarifying best practices for using electronic tools to communicate with patients including a review of informed consent, notification of risks and how to select the most appropriate eCommunication tools. It also includes a panel discussion and Q&A with representatives from the CMPA and College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Video of the webinar 
Presentation slides (PDF) 

Getting Patients Back to Practice: Navigating the New Norm (May 7) – A physician-led overview of the Getting Patients Back to Practice Guide, which provides tips on how to promote virtual care visit availability and best practices for virtual care exams and proactively connecting with at-risk patients.

Virtual Group Medical Visits (May 14) – An overview of best practices for conducting group medical visits (GMV) and billing considerations.The webinar discusses using the ZOOM for Healthcare webinar functionality, but content can be applied to group medical visits in general. 

Quick Start to Virtual Care for MOAs (April 2) – DTO hosted an MOA/physician-led webinar on April 2 to provide an overview of virtual visit workflows for MOAs.

DTO Virtual Care Quick Start for Physicians Webinar (March 19) – A physician-led overview of the Virtual Care Quick Start Guide and Q&A around treating patients remotely.