Tools, education and knowledge to support virtual care implementation

The resources below provide tools, education, and knowledge that community physicians need to support implementation of virtual care solutions. 

DTO - Virtual Care Quick Start Guide (PDF) An overview of the foundational processes, tools, and templates that a clinic should have to implement virtual care. 
DTO - Virtual Care Toolkit (PDF) A more comprehensive overview of virtual care with templates and tools to help clinics navigate patient consent, billing, and communicating.
Guide to e-faxing when working remotely (PDF) An overview of workflows and tools for physicians and MOAs who need to fax documents from outside the clinic.
Getting Patients Back to Practice Guide (PDF) An overview on how to build practices back up to full capacity using a blended virtual/in-clinic model, how to promote virtual care visit availability and how to connect with & prioritize at-risk patients.
Virtual care FAQ for physicians and MOAs FAQ about virtual care, working from home, obtaining consent, and preparing patients for virtual visits. Document will be updated as new information becomes available. Contact DTO  to request updates or changes.