Transition to practice

The transition from resident to practicing physician can be a challenge. You may need to sign a contract with a health facility, learn how to set up a practice or quickly gain an understanding of fee codes.

Doctors of BC offers a number of tools and resources to help residents prepare for setting to your practice so that you have a good foundation as you move forward.

Find practice opportunities in BC

The BC Medical Journal contains extensive listings of job openings throughout the province.

Talk to one of our experienced in-house Insurance Advisors

As a member of Doctors of BC you have access to exclusive insurance plans. Licensed, non-commissioned insurance advisors are ready to discuss our full range of high-quality insurance products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of our transitioning residents. Call 1-800-665-2262 ext.7854 or ext. 2807

Transition Tuesdays

These monthly one-hour workshops are held the first Tuesday of every month and cover a wide range of topics on everything from financial planning and investing to billing. Residents in all levels are welcome to attend. Check out the calendar of events for the next Transition Tuesday.

Take free online practice management seminars

The CMA Joule Practice Management Curriculum is a free program offering virtual sessions taught by physicians to help GP and specialist residents prepare for transition to practice.

Transition resources from other organizations

UBC's Transition into Practice website 

This site contains a wealth of information on how to develop a medical curriculum vitae, where to find job postings, and financial and office management (such as incorporation, office space purchase, and contract negotiation). Information is accessed through a combination of modules and seminar series. 

Get help from the Transition into Practice Service

HealthForceOntario’s Transition into Practice Service (TiPS) offers assistance with the sometimes daunting time between residency and practice. Gain practical, career-focused knowledge with learning modules. Much of the content has application to residents throughout Canada.

Obtain your BC license

You must register with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia to obtain a license to practice medicine in BC.

Find employment opportunities

HealthMatchBC provides information about physician employment opportunities throughout BC. In addition, Resident Doctors of BC, in partnership with Doctors of BC, HealthMatch BC, the Ministry, and UBC organizes a job fair each fall.

Learn about loan forgiveness

Student Aid BC runs the BC Loan Forgiveness Program for health care professionals, including physicians.