Vote coming for smaller board, broader representation

December 5, 2016

Dear Colleagues:

On Tuesday, December 6, you will receive an e-mail invitation from Everyone Counts Canada to vote in a members’ referendum that proposes important changes to the governance of our association, the Doctors of BC. The referendum includes two separate but key resolutions that you will be asked to consider.

Special Resolution on Governance – Why this is important to you and the profession

The first resolution proposes to replace the current 39-member Board, the largest of any of the Provincial Medical Associations, with a dual structure:

  • A 9-member Board that will be more flexible, nimble and timely in decision-making on behalf of all members, and
  •  A 104-member Representative Assembly to advise the Board that will provide wide-ranging member representation from: all geographical areas of the province; GPs/FPs and specialists; those practicing in rural and First Nations communities; medical students; residents and members in early years of practice.

This proposal was developed by the Governance Committee and is endorsed by the current Board. It is the result of two years of listening to our members. You told us you want your Association more responsive and proactive on your behalf – to be more relevant in your professional lives. We have also heard that you want us to better understand your professional needs at the local and community level. Our proposed governance model will help us achieve these objectives.

The information you need to make an informed decision on how to vote in this referendum, including an Executive Summary, a detailed table and Qs & As, will be available to you Tuesday, December 6, in your ballot and on the Doctors of BC web site.

Special Resolution on Societies Act

The second Special Resolution is required because of the Societies Act that came into force November 28, 2016. We must amend our own Constitution, so that we can be officially designated as a Member-Funded Society. 

A Member-Funded Society is primarily funded by members to carry on activities for the benefit of its members. This is also an important resolution because it will ensure that our Association remains accountable to members, without restrictions that could affect our ability to act in their best interests.

I strongly encourage you to read and consider all of the information you will receive in your ballot. The proposed changes will strengthen our ability to deliver the best service and value while ensuring broader member representation.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please send them to

Join me and your colleagues in helping to shape the future of Doctors of BC. Every voice really does count, and each and every vote in this referendum will make the difference.



Dr Alan Ruddiman, MB.BCh.(Wits), Dip. PEMP, FRRMS

President, Doctors of BC