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September 23, 2020
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COVID-19 Office Safety Plan Support Grant for Community Physicians

September 10, 2020

Dear colleagues,

I want to start by thanking each of you for your commitment, dedication, and hard work as we continue to tackle the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know that you have invested a great deal of your time and incurred additional expenses to resume in-person visits with patients. In recognition of this, the Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs), which are partnerships of Doctors of BC and the BC Ministry of Health, are reallocating funding to provide a $1,000 grant to each eligible physician with a community practice to help offset costs in the development and implementation of their COVID-19 Safety Plans. 

The JCCs have budgeted $10.6 million for these one-time grants. Expenditures covered include time spent in planning and purchases/renovations related to changes in your physical office space. For detailed information regarding eligibility requirements for the office grant, see the “What you need to know” section below.  

We understand this grant will not offset all your costs. Doctors of BC continues to work on your behalf as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Information on many of the actions taken can be found on our COVID-19 web page. Doctors of BC has also provided advice and input into the provincial government’s development of temporary, short-term COVID-19 contracts, which may be an option for those experiencing reduced patient volumes, particularly in the event of a second surge. Government is expected to announce that contract option very soon. I appreciate your patience in this matter.

As always, I welcome your questions and/or comments.  Please e-mail me at


Dr Kathleen Ross
President, Doctors of BC


What you need to know about the Office Safety Plan Support Grant for Community Physicians

Funding for the $1,000 one-time grant is provided by the Joint Collaborative Committees (General Practice Services Committee, Specialist Services Committee, and Shared Care Committee).

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for the grant, physicians must:

  1. Have an active practice in a community office that provides publicly-funded health services.
  2. Have directly incurred eligible costs related to the development and implementation of a COVID-19 Safety Plan in a community office. Examples of eligible costs include:
    • Physician, MOA, and staff time in the planning and implementation of a COVID-19 Safety Plan in a community office, AND/OR
    • Purchase of physical barriers (e.g. Plexiglas, cleaning supplies), and/or other office retrofitting/renovation directly related to a COVID-19 Safety Plan excluding Personal Protective Equipment.

Restrictions/Exclusions: Physicians who have offices provided to them by a health authority, hospital, or third-party employer, where the physician did not contribute time or financially, are not eligible to receive this payment.

Other Claim Information

  • Each eligible physician can make one claim, regardless of the number of offices they work in.
  • Where physicians have a shared office practice with other physicians, each eligible physician can claim the grant.
  • The payment is intended for the physician, not the clinic. If applicable, physicians and clinic operators should determine their own arrangements, based on the discretion and collaboration of doctors working in community clinics.


Payment will be for eligible expenses incurred from March 15th to December 31st, 2020.

How to Apply

Fill out and submit this application form by December 31, 2020. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of application upon submission. Payment can be expected within six weeks of submitting the application, provided it is accurately filled out, but is dependent on the volume of applications received.

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