2017 Survey for UBC Clinical Faculty

January 18, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

On January 23rd Clinical Faculty members will receive an e-mail from Doctors of BC (Clinical Faculty) linking you to a survey that I encourage those of you who hold UBC Faculty of Medicine appointments to complete.  Your responses will guide and inform our discussions regarding the renewal of Compensation Terms with the Faculty of Medicine.   

The survey will focus more on compensation aspects, rather than the benefits, challenges, and levels of satisfaction of teaching.  If you recall, two years ago you completed a clinical faculty survey, the results of which provided the Clinical Faculty Working Group with the basis for developing recommendations to the Dean.  You will have recently received a letter from Dr David Haughton, Doctors of BC representative on the Clinical Faculty Working Group, outlining the Working Group’s accomplishments implementing the recommendations and its collaborative work with the Faculty of Medicine.

Please watch for the e-mail from Doctors of BC (Clinical Faculty) arriving January 23rd containing your link to the survey. It will be hosted on the Ipsos server, but know that your e-mail address is not being shared with Ipsos or with anyone else, and the information you provide will be anonymous.  Doctors of BC will only share aggregate results where relevant in negotiations with the Section of Clinical Faculty and the Faculty of Medicine.  The survey closes at midnight, February 5th.

Should you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact Deanna Mayhew at dmayhew@doctorsofbc.ca or 604-638-2871, toll-free at 800-665-2262.

Your views are important and will help us better understand your issues and expectations in order to best represent your interests.

Thank you. 


Dr Alan Ruddiman