What is and what could be: why your voice is needed to improve Doctors of BC

March 1, 2019

The past few years have seen major ongoing change at Doctors of BC – and in healthcare in general – with a new governance structure, primary care reform, team-based care and the negotiation of a new Physician Master Agreement. While these changes take place, it is important that we hear from as many members as possible in order to meet the challenges inherent in these major projects.

We know from studies that when more people participate and feel valued, the outcomes are better. Organizations grow more. Decisions are more ethical. People feel they are not just witness to change, but an integral part in turning something good into something great. It is not about equality but rather equity: ensuring that everyone who wants to participate can.

That is why we have started the work in Diversity and Inclusion: we need to understand what barriers may be preventing some members from participating in our governance structures. A working advisory group has met several times and the Representative Assembly had the opportunity to discuss these challenges at its last meeting. Now it’s your turn.

Many of you have already written to me and I thank you for your concerns in this area. The next step – and the first phase – in this Diversity and Inclusion work is a survey for all members that seeks your input on what barriers may prevent some underrepresented groups from participating in our governance structures (committees, the RA and the Board), and what supports have enabled participation.

You should have received this survey on Monday, February 25th via email from Doctors of BC.

I know there are many demands on your time and I thank you in advance for letting us know more about you and your experiences so far. These anonymous results will help us go forward and ensure that we are doing our best in creating a Doctors of BC where every member belongs.

As always, I welcome your comments, questions, and concerns. These can be difficult conversations and by having them we respect our differences and recognize our many commonalities that make us “Better Together.”

PS: If you did not receive the survey or have any questions about the work being done then please contact communications@doctorsofbc.ca or visit our Diversity and Inclusion webpage.

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