The time is now

January 4, 2022

I am graciously humbled for the opportunity to serve each one of you this year. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Dr Matthew Chow for leading all of us through adversity, uncertainty, and change this past year. His calm fortitude, commitment, and compassion are truly exemplary. I am grateful to know and trust in the direction in which he has guided us.


Our world tests us. Being a healer at this time while carrying the responsibilities of self, family, societal care, and advocacy is a relentless feat, yet all of you continue to navigate selflessly. You have lead as utilitarians. I see you holding yourselves and your communities together through the burdens we collectively face, yet I too recognize the need to prioritize our health, safety, and well-being over all else. While we are extraordinary, we are exhausted. Uncertainty heightens fear and tests the human spirit yet, I am lifted up as I am reminded that you all are masters of uncertainty. You are the champions of change and adaptation and as we evolve and recover there is no going back. We have stretched ourselves in ways that will propel the engine of societal renaissance. Your altruistic actions for the greater good have restored faith in humanity. The world has shifted. No one will ever be the same.

Now is the time for your voice to amplify that which you know is needed for our world, for our marginalised populations, for equity and inclusion, for healing. In times of scarcity, you breathed innovation and that spirit must persist. My wish for you is to reflect and use the last few years as fuel. Fuel for what matters the most. Fuel for what you will no longer tolerate.

Your voice matters.
My responsibility is to speak to the truths of my lived experience, and to create amplification for the truths of your lives. This is the collective power of us.

I stand with you as you have the courage to speak up and lead the monumental shift we have been waiting for. We have weathered the storm to meet at this horizon. The lift is coming. Change is inevitable, but at what pace? Incrementalism may not be the answer.

We must apply the learnings of our time, to the ongoing challenges of our world. The pandemic has shown that in unparalleled times humanity – and our global society – was able to achieve the unachievable within very short time timelines. Within the pandemic are many other social and societal challenges which need immediate change, such as our health and inclusivity. There is no reason to wait when change is the right thing to do.

Leaders do the right thing when no one is watching. We take the moral high road in challenging times. We unify. We make decisions that reflect the betterment of humanity. The time is now to use our ingenuity to change things we can no longer accept.

- Dr Ramneek Dosanjh

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