I’m listening: Embarking upon my president’s outreach

April 4, 2022

One of the most vital needs as human beings is connection, but during the pandemic our ability to connect in-person was drastically limited. Now, after two long years of virtual meetings, there has never been a more important time to gather and to connect socially, especially as we move towards a new post-pandemic environment.

As an organization with the purpose of serving and representing its members, how do we create meaningful engagement and foster dialogue? How do we connect with all members when they are spread throughout the province? Member engagement is one of Doctors of BC’s top priorities, and we do this in many different ways – through Divisions, MSAs, member surveys, Bang the Table, committees, email correspondence, and focus groups to name some.

Another important way in which we meaningfully engage with members is through our president’s outreach, where the president meets with members in communities throughout the province to listen – to hear what’s on their minds, what challenges they are facing, and what topics are of importance to them. This type of member engagement allows us the opportunity to share experiences and stories, and for the president to visit members in their distinctive community settings.


I am reminded of why I began this leadership journey. It was to learn from you – my colleagues – in your communities, and to be able to truly represent physician voices from all across the province. In an era of advanced digital technology and social media, we have been able to essentially connect in networks, like never before, as the global pandemic forced us to distance ourselves from in-person encounters. Envisioning a post pandemic world and leaning into the learnings about the importance of social connection and support, I would like to reengage with all of you, face-to-face as much as possible. The art of relationships is important to me. It is where we see each other human to human and where we can resonate with one another.

As Priya Parker illuminates in her book The Art of Gathering, when it comes to engaging with one another it is important to understand not only why we are there, but also who we are. We are a collective of physician leaders in various capacities performing our roles and our responsibilities. While this is imperative to our clinical duties, I am also interested in learning about our collective and individual “being” to help understand where we come from and to hear each of your unique perspectives.

This is why I am excited to embark upon my own president’s outreach and finally have the opportunity to engage with members face-to-face – to meet with you in your own communities, to sit together, and to truly hear what you have to say. The last few years have been challenging for all of us both personally and professionally. Now is the time for us to come together, to focus on the art of relationships and the representation of all member voices while we rebuild our health care system, one relationship at a time.


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