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Awestruck: A Doctor’s Day Reflection

April 29, 2019

May 1st is Doctors’ Day in Canada, and I wanted to let you know how I feel – a message you deserve to hear, or at least deserve to hear more than you may.
You are amazing.Awestruck%3A%20A%20Doctor's%20Day%20Reflection

Over the course of this year I have had the pleasure of meeting colleagues from all over BC. I knew that you were a good doctor, but now I understand that you are an even better person.
Your dedication is obvious, whether that be training to do procedures your community needs like endoscopy or cesarean sections, or being on call 1:2 to perform them. You spend time patiently doing research. You teach when you can because our learners are our future.
You meet your patients where they are, doing home calls or using telemedicine. You speak to them in their first language or use translational services because although the encounter may take longer, it's how you take the journey together.
Our mutual patients tell me about how you give back to your community, volunteering and coaching. You model self-care by vacationing with your family and friends to explore or relax when you are not camping, hiking, swimming, or hitting the slopes. Some of you are even Ironmen or Olympians, yet you are humble, maybe even somewhat embarrassed, when called to accept a professional award or recognition.

You have likely read the few examples here and thought of someone else. But just as likely, know that they have thought of you.

So on this Doctors’ Day, and on behalf of your patients, your communities, and your colleagues, thank you. 

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