Health Policy

Preventing Violence in Healthcare

April 26, 2016

In December 2014, an on duty physician was violently assaulted by a psychiatric patient at BC’s Penticton Regional Hospital. Alarmingly, this is just one example of numerous incidents where physicians have been assaulted at a healthcare setting in BC. Indeed, all health care providers, including physicians, face the risk of violence on a daily basis in the workplace. Doctors of BC recognizes the importance of a safe workplace and has developed a policy statement to address violence against physicians.

To support safety of all health care providers, including physicians, Doctors of BC recommends stakeholders ensure there is meaningful physician input and involvement in the development, implementation, and assessment of initiatives aimed at preventing violence in healthcare. 

In addition, Doctors of BC commits to working with government, Health Authorities, WorkSafeBC, other healthcare providers, and community partners to collectively address violence in healthcare, by:

  • Supporting improved training and education on violence prevention tailored for physicians.
  • Seeking opportunities to contribute physician perspectives in provincial violence prevention planning and policy making.
  • Working with Health Authorities to enhance physician involvement in health and safety planning and the development of safety standards within healthcare facilities.

For more information, including background, analysis and references, please see the full policy statement