Health Policy

Improving BC's Health System Performance

January 23, 2017

Doctors are an essential part of BC’s health care system – a system that faces continuous challenges as well as opportunities. Improving BC’s Health System Performance, developed by Doctors of BC's Council on Health Economics and Policy, lays out the commitments we are making to help improve BC’s healthcare system as well as makes recommendations to all healthcare stakeholders.

The policy paper is a framework that builds upon learnings of physicians in their own local and provincial quality improvement efforts and also builds upon the foundation of the collaborative work already done by Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health, Divisions of Family Practice, Medical Staff Associations, patient organizations, and others across the province.

The paper also draws on the experience of health systems and organizations that have been recognized internationally for having achieved sustainable improvement. We hope to help lead the way in ensuring that British Columbians have the healthcare system that they deserve.

The commitments made by Doctors of BC are: 

  1. Engaging physicians and actively collaborating with the BC Ministry of Health, health authorities, and other partners to improve health system performance, including in the areas outlined in the Ministry’s 2015 policy discussion papers.
  2. Working with physicians and other key stakeholders to ensure that the best evidence in health system improvement is used to guide improvement efforts.
  3. Continuing to enable physicians to engage in community and provincial training and leadership opportunities in quality and health system improvement.
  4. Working with other stakeholders to develop and use appropriate measures to support improving the quality of health care provided in BC.

For the full policy paper, please click here