Health Policy

Doctors of BC Response to Ministry of Health Policy Papers

May 11, 2015

In February 2015, the Ministry of Health (MoH) released policy discussion papers on three cross-sector focus areas: primary and community care, rural health services, and surgical services. The MoH also released enabling papers relating to health human resources and a patient-centred care framework. 

Following the MoH’s release of the policy papers, Doctors of BC undertook an immediate and thorough review of the papers to obtain input from our members. To facilitate feedback, enable meaningful engagement, and invite input on the proposals, an online consultation survey was developed. In addition to the online consultation, we also held in-person meetings with various committees and physician Sections. This member feedback formed the basis for a Doctors of BC written response to the MoH policy papers. 

Overall, we note in our response that Doctors of BC members are supportive of the MoH proposed direction, which includes a focus on team-based primary and community care, support for target populations including older adults with complex chronic conditions and persons with mental health/substance use issues, improved access to specialized services, and support for physicians and allied health professionals in rural areas. However, members are concerned about the lack of clarity on how the proposals will move forward. There are also questions and concerns regarding the tight timelines for implementation and the need for adequate resourcing and funding for transformation. Our members are also concerned about the possibility of Health Authority oversight of primary care teams; many perceived this as a threat to professional/clinical autonomy of physicians and to the collaborative innovation that is currently taking place. 

The full Doctors of BC response to the MoH policy papers can be found here.

The Doctors of BC response to the MoH IM/IT paper can be found here.