Update on incorporation delays

September 1, 2022

We have heard from members the frustrations you are feeling around delays by the College to process incorporation applications, and recognize that this has caused significant burden on top of your existing workload in a time when you are also trying to navigate other system challenges. We have met with the College to advocate on this issue and to facilitate solutions.

The College has advised us that this is a top priority for them and they are actively taking steps to address resourcing issues, work through the back log, reduce turnaround times, and speed up their overall process. This includes:

  • Making concrete changes to better streamline their application process including simplifying the application form, allowing for e-signatures, simplifying the annual license renewal process, and eliminating paper renewal permits.
  • Shifting to calling registrants to clarify/update/correct information rather than requiring the application be resubmitted.

We have been assured that the above actions are already reducing the application processing timeline. The College has also shared the following tips to help applicants proactively avoid delays that come about because of incomplete applications:

  • Ensure the mailing address you enter on your application form matches the current or former practice/home/mail/contact address you previously provided the College.
  • Ensure you correctly fill out your proposed corporate name, and that your proposed name matches in all three sections of Part B on the application form.

If you are facing on-going challenges as a result of these delays, please contact Doctors of BC’s Advocacy Department at . We will continue to advocate on your behalf on this issue.