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April 5, 2019 to April 6, 2019
Victoria, British Columbia
The Society of General Practitioners (SGP) is holding a conference entitled “Family Doctors: Standing Up and Standing Out”. Information is available...

Physicians: ensure you are up to date on important information from Doctors of BC

November 1, 2018

Stay up to date with important information from Doctors of BC that impacts your practice and profession. We have compiled a list of key ways to do that:

President’s Letters – provide you with updates on important developments such as the latest in negotiations, major policy/advocacy issues, and significant announcements about the work we do for you. President’s Letters are especially important during a negotiations year.  You can subscribe here. (log-in required)

Newsletters – target different areas of physician interest.  The main newsletter that provides regular updates on Doctors of BC news for physicians is In Circulation.  Another one, Newsflash, shares the important news headlines of the day in the world of health care.  There are also newsletters for specific audiences such as family physicians and specialists . To see the newsletter options we offer and subscribe, click here (login required).

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