Pathways Medical Care Directory connects patients with their family doctors

January 7, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting countless British Columbians, as we continue adjusting to life in the face of the corona virus. While many regular routines have been curtailed by restrictions introduced to control the spread, getting the medical care you need is more important than ever. Some British Columbians may not be checking in with their family doctor as a result of anxieties and other difficulties stemming from COVID-19, and this presents major challenges when they have ongoing health conditions that need attention. Some are unsure about their doctor’s availability, or if they are offering telephone or virtual visits.

Pathways%20To help ensure people can access the care they need, the Pathways Medical Care Directory has been created for British Columbians to easily find current information on how their doctor is providing care – whether it’s virtual, in-person, or both. Using the new one-stop online directory, people can also view appointment options, and see other services their doctor is offering.

The new service makes it easier for British Columbians to ensure their unique healthcare needs are being met, even as we live through these unprecedented times. A centralized hub helps people connect with their doctors in an efficient, simple manner.

The directory already contains details of close to 70% of BC family doctors who provide longitudinal patient care, and is consistently updated with more doctors and nurse practitioner information.

Dr Matthew Chow, president of Doctors of BC, says that continuing to see your family doctor is crucial, particularly if you live with any chronic conditions. “Neglecting your treatment or missing medication doses will cause more problems down the road. It’s important you see your family doctor because they know you best and understand your medical history and needs. ”For people with disabilities, seniors living at home, and people who consider themselves high-risk, it is especially important that they reach out to their family doctor for advice if they have not done so recently.

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