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New Board members elected by Representative Assembly

September 14, 2017

At its inaugural meeting today, Doctors of BC's Representative Assembly elected a new Board from candidates nominated by the general membership. The Board Directors-at-Large are:

  • General Practitioners
    • Dr Jeff Dresselhuis
    • Dr Eugene Leduc
    • Dr Lawrence Welsh
  • Specialists 
    • Dr Barb Blumenauer
    • Dr Tommy Gerschman
    • Dr Lloyd Oppel
  • One-year term
    • Dr Andrew Yu, Specialist
President Dr Trina Larsen Soles and President-Elect Dr Eric Cadesky also have seats on the Board. The RA also elected its Speaker, Dr Michael Golbey, and Deputy Speaker, Dr Alan Gow. With the selection of the new Board, Doctors of BC has transitioned to its new dual-structure governance model which includes the 9-member Board and a 104-member Representative Assembly. 
A complete list of the Board and RA can be found here, further information on the path to the new governance model can be found here.